What You Need To Know About Norovirus

The virus that causes “stomach-flu” or gastroenteritis is the norovirus. This kind of virus cannot be treated by antibiotics which needs special medical attention and it only grows inside the body.

Vomiting, nausea, diarrhea and stomach cramping are some of the symptoms that determine if a person has a norovirus. People who have the norovirus suddenly feel very sick and experience the symptoms for about one or two days. But the illness begins about two to three days after getting the virus. But there are also some cases that the illness may be experienced as early as 12 hours after exposure. During this stage, there are some people especially among the youth, elderly and weak immune system persons who get dehydrated because they are unable to intake water.

But if a person is starting to get ill, vomits and experiences diarrhea, they should already take in a lot of fluids to prevent dehydration. It is said that dehydration is the most serious effect brought by the norovirus and should be avoided as possible. Young children, the elderly and the sick are most common victims of dehydration.

There are many ways of acquiring the norovirus. It can be through eating food or drinking liquids contaminated by it. Placing their hands in their mouths after touching a surface or object contaminated with it. Also, people can get the said virus by having direct contact with the person who has it already like caring for people will the illness.

Much attention is needed to people working in day-care centers or nursing homes who have norovirus illness. Because it is highly infectious, it can spread rapidly with such environments. Also, the stool and the vomit of the people who have norovirus illness are contagious.

Sadly, there has not been any antiviral medical treatment made for the norovirus nor has there been any vaccination for its prevention.

Washing the hands especially after using the toilet and changing the diapers can prevent the person from getting the norovirus. Before eating fruits, vegetables and steamed oysters, it should be washed thoroughly. Disinfecting the surfaces having the norovirus by means of a household cleanser should be done to prevent recurrence. Linens that may be contaminated with the norovirus after illness should be removed immediately whereas the clothing should be washed. The vomit and/or stool should be discarded or flushed in the toilet. In addition, keeping and making sure that the surrounding area is kept clean to avoid getting the illness again.