"The People Picker Upper" Presentation for HealthTrust

FTS-600 (Floor-to-Stand Human Lift)

Introducing the Floor-to-Stand Human Lift which has been developed for professional healthcare to eliminate manual lifting in most daily patient handling situations. The FTS 600 lifts and transfers mobility challenged individuals from a wheelchair, bed, commode, or the floor into a sitting or standing position per the needs of the individual patient.

• The FTS-600 also provides a standing lift function for mobility limited patients requiring assistance onto an exam or radiology table or other surface otherwise inaccessible.

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Summary of Features

  • Lifts from floor to standing in about 90 seconds, depending upon load
  • Beveled seat-front for easy slide-on access
  • Wired remote for convenient operation
  • Swinging/Removable Rise Assist Handles for secure easy transfers
  • Small footprint to allow easy turning radius in tight spaces
  • Powder coated for easy cleaning
  • Two Lithium-Ion batteries for continuous operation and a charger
  • Status check switch in each battery that shows its current charge level
  • Automated charger to leave the second battery on until time to swap

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