Disinfecting Drain Lines

  • Make sure your disinfectant has an EPA registered claim as effective against bacteria in biofilm. Klorese tablets are registered with the EPA as effective against biofilm.
  • Use a foaming device to displace the water in the P-Trap with foamed disinfectant. We have additional foaming agent if needed.
  • Do not use the sink for the required contact time of the disinfectant. For Klorese this is 4 min.
  • Make sure the disinfectant has a pH greater than 5 – otherwise it is illegal to discharge to sanitary sewer under 40CFR403. Unlike our competitors we are pH neutral (note all peroxides and acetic acids are pH 3 or less).

QUICKfoam Drains & P-Traps

Make up a 4,306 ppm Klorese disinfectant solution by:
  • Filling QUICKfoam™ with water up to the 32 oz mark.
  • Add 1 – 13 gram Klorese tablet.
  • Once tablet dissolves, screw on pump-head and pump blue handle to pressurize.
  • Set QUICKfoam on counter.
  • Place black drain-cap over drain and press firmly to seal.
  • Depress trigger/button to discharge Klorese foam into drain until the QUICKfoam™ level reaches the 16 oz. mark.
  • Re-pressurize QUICKfoam™ as required & move on to the next sink.

Cost Analysis