Training & Services

Hygiene Specialist Training

A continuing-education training program for Environmental Services Teams

Operating Room Processing Training Program

A specialized focus within our Hygiene Specialist Training that includes our series of processing checklists and high performance, color-coded OR-Hygiene products

Hygiene Specialist Excellence Award

Established by UMF Corporation to acknowledge the invaluable contribution of the unsung heroes staffing Environmental Service Departments across the country

ABC's of Housekeeping

ABCs of Housekeeping

  • A detailed guest room processing SOP for a standardized cleaning process.
  • UMF will revise, re title, and edit as required to meet each customer’s specific requirements.
  • Can be adapted for any industry

Guest Room Attendant Excellence Award

  • Established by UMF corporation to acknowledge the critical role GRAs play in ensuring hotel guest safety, satisfaction, and loyalty in the COVID-19 era and beyond.