Perfect Clean Plus

A smarter way to manage your laundry

No budget? No problem!

Introducing PC PLUS. A revolutionary way to create or upgrade your laundry room with the finest commercial equipment, products & service available and save 40% to 70%.

What’s included – EVERYTHING!

  • Zero capital investment
  • Lifetime replacement parts
  • FREE service & maintenance
  • FREE shipping and installation
  • All wash chemicals
  • 3 par color-coded products configured for your facility
  • On-site training
The PERFECT laundry solution for hotels, resorts, spas, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, gyms and more….

The Advantage

PC-PLUS All Inclusive program conserves capital while ensuring you always have functioning laundry equipment, color-coded high performance infection prevention textiles combined with lifetime warranted hardware. The PC-PLUS program is tax advantaged because you write it off as an expense without laundry equipment on the balance sheet. No capital is tied up in any of this equipment. PC-PLUS is the only program which combines the financial flexibility of outsourcing with the superior quality and control of on-site processing. With PC-PLUS, laundering becomes a utility service – just like water, gas, and electricity.
Note: PC-PLUS can be configured to process any and all textiles including Spa towels, shower and cubicle curtains, sheets, pillow cases and any other laundered product

Infection Prevention

Infection Prevention challenges continue to plague hospitals, hotels, schools – everywhere. A key component of any infection prevention program is a high performance system of wipers and flat mops and other specialized products color coded by area. These products, and the people who use them represent, the first line of defense against cross contamination.

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive IP program for all types and sizes of facilities, UMF Corporation in partnership with LaundryLux, have developed a unique all-inclusive PC-PLUS program.

Incorporating “best-in-class” products. PC-PLUS is a comprehensive program incorporating a system of high performance color coded products supporting ONEperROOM™ processing, commercial laundry equipment configured specifically for your facility and needs, incorporating technology that ensures efficient use of water and chemicals.

Smart Dosing System – Smart Choice

Whenever PC-PLUS washers are loaded with less than a full load, the washers calculate the actual load weight and automatically lowers water consumption to match the load – savings are huge! The exclusive PC-PLUS Smart Dosing System communicates with our washers so it knows actual load weights. It then reduces laundry chemical consumption to match each load. When you combine business expense tax deductions (or Medicare reimbursement for healthcare) with cost-savings from automatically reducing water, energy and chemical consumption – the superiority of PC-PLUS is clear. *62% of all washer loads are less than a full load, so your cost savings are significant when Smart Dosing is utilized. Your laundry chemical company supplies the Smart Dosing hardware.


  • No capital investment for equipment
  • No missed deliveries or short counts from linen
    rental or commercial laundry companies
  • No hidden costs or Loss Replacement penalties
  • No service or spare parts expense surprises
  • No equipment obsolescence
  • No housekeeping complaints about laundry
  • Yes maximum financial flexibility
  • Yes to improved HCAHPS scores
  • Yes saves money compared to outsourcing
  • Yes extends life of your owned textiles
  • Yes warranty never expires
  • Yes maximum environmental sustainability
  • Yes reimbursable by Medicare for most
    healthcare facilities
  • Yes install configured for any type & quantity
    of textiles

Always The Best Laundry

When you choose PC-PLUS you are guaranteed the best products and equipment for the life of the program. If you need additional equipment in the future, no problem – we can add it. With PC-PLUS you always have exactly the right products and equipment to meet your specific needs.

Take complete control of your wash results, production and costs.

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