Human Donor Milk

We Are Proud To Be Affiliated With Ni-Q HDM™.

Ni-Q is based on a single premise: saving the lives of premature infants. In the critical first stages of life, premature infants need the best nutrition possible. Traditionally the source of that nutrition is their mother’s breast milk. Unfortunately, this is not always an option. Ni-Q fills this need by providing safe, cost efficient, and clinically effective Human Donor Milk™, in an effort to reduce premature infant mortality rates and improve the overall health of premature infants.

Ni-Q has developed a safe and unique way to produce and package a shelf stable, non-refrigerated, commercially sterile Human Donor Milk (HDM™). Our HDM™ provides uniform nutrition in each 4oz bag. This gives hospitals the confidence needed to ensure each infant receives individualized nutrition to meet their specific needs. The nutritional support of Ni-Q HDM™ makes a positive impact on infant mortality rates and the overall health of premature infants.

Benefits Of Ni-Q HDM™:

  • High calorie content
  • Shelf stable at room temperature, no freezing or refrigerating necessary
  • Commercially sterile
  • Complete and thorough testing process to ensure safety
  • 12-month shelf life