Primary Use: An Emergency Response Tool for effective removal of significant biohazard incidents (i.e. bodily fluids). Clean Up™ will uniquely encapsulate odors and can also be used for chemo and common spills. The Clean Up™ kit is designed to be used as an easily accessible new protocol for all employees.


  • Single dose package design offers quick and effective response to large incidents
  • Absorbs liquids, moist solids, and oils
  • Once applied the contaminate along with shard glass becomes easily swept
  • Applied and removed with little to no airborne dusting (product feels moist)
  • Odor is encapsulated without the use of noxious perfumes
  • Kit includes basics tools for large biohazard removal so caregivers can readily respond to volatile situations, thus establishing a protocol that can be utilized within the entire healthcare community

Value Proposition:

  • Response time to biohazard incidents is significantly reduced; saving labor and reducing liability for cross contamination
  • Slip and fall incidences are reduced to enhance risk management programs
  • Easy access and simple instructions for use of Clean Up™ encourages cross- training among employees
  • Immediate response avoids annoyance and relieves embarrassing situations
  • Caregivers have a tool at their disposal to protect themselves and their patients
  • OSHA Compliant Spill Kits