PerfectCLEAN Presentation for HealthTrust

Who Are We /What Do we Do

Who Are We?

• Leaders in the research and development of high performance textiles for the Commercial Cleaning and Infection Prevention Markets
• The only company in North America that designs and develops innovative products from our own patented fiber technology.

What Do We Do?

  • We merge antimicrobial technologies with innovative product
    designs to redefine the future of clean
  • We serve all markets and industries: hospitality, healthcare,
    education, senior living, sports and leisure, food service, and more

Our Mission/Our Core Values

Our Mission

  • We embrace the scientific method to deliver safer environmental hygiene with less effort, less waste, and less cost.

Our Core Values

  • Innovation: UMF innovates new products to meet every challenge, from specialized mops to mattress protectors to privacy curtain clamps.
  • Sustainability: We prioritize sustainable cleaning and aim to develop products that minimize our own carbon footprint as well as our customers’.
  • Science: All UMF products are backed by extensive scientific research and laboratory testing.
  • Collaboration: We don’t just sell products – we provide services in collaboration with our customers.

We Color You Safe

  • Color-Coding: PerfectCLEAN developed the first and only TRUE Color-Coded System to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Color-Coded products make it easy to use the right item for each task, ensuring germs won’t be transmitted between different surfaces.
  • ONEperROOM Methodology: Using one set of products for each room mitigates the risk of room-to-room contamination.
  • Specialized Training: We offer the ABCs of Housekeeping.
  • Customer-Centric Innovation: Our customers drive the evolution of our products.

We Color You Safe


  • The only cleaning products patented with built-in antimicrobial protection
  • Materials trap and remove 99.99% of bacteria from surfaces
  • Durable and chlorine stable – designed to meet CDC guidelines for Blood Borne Pathogens
  • Products absorb eight times their weight in fluids, the highest absorption of any product tested
  • The only material tested to successfully remove endotoxins
  • Core Products (Wipers, Mops, Hardware), Cleaning Accessories, and Specialty Hygiene Products


Color-Coded All-Purpose Wipers:

Penetrates invisible crevices in surfaces to cut out dirt and grime and “trap & remove” contaminants
• Multiple sizes to meet you industry’s demands

All-Purpose Wipers

STRIPES Dish Towel & Wiper:

Dries and polishes in no time with less effort

STRIPES Dish Towel

Super Silk Wiper

Perfect for polishing TV and computer screens, kitchen appliances, glass surfaces and more

Super Silk Wiper

Best-In-Class: Core Products


•Our mop selection includes dust mops, flat mops, fringe mops and tube mops that all fit on our telescopic handle and frame

Flat Mops
Tube Mops


• PerfectCLEAN is the only company to offer a lifetime
warranty on all hardware
• Ergonomic design for efficiency and comfort – adjustable
to fit you
• Heavy duty construction designed to meet the challenges
and abuse of the commercial cleaning industry


You asked, we listened: SDX Bucketless Mop System customer driven solutions

SDX Bucketless Mop System
Telescopic Handle with 16” Flat Mop Frame

Best-In-Class Products: Accessories

•Use the Sticky Particle Roller to pick up leftover dirt, hair and other particles as the final step in
•The Scrub & Clean Sponge has an brasive side for scrubbing and a softer side for lighter cleaning
•Pair the PC Shower Paddle with the Orange Cleaning Mitt to reach tight spaces. Then, use the mitt to isolate the toilet to eliminate crosscontamination
•The Scrub & Clean Glove is ideal for cleaning awkwardly shaped surfaces – whatever you touch, you clean
•Slip our Chenille or Fringed Dusting Sleeve on the Flexible Duster and bend it into any shape to clean hard-to-reach places …and more!

Sticky Particle Roller
Scrub & Clean Glove
Scrub & Clean Sponge
Flexible Duster with Chenille Sleeve
Scrub & Clean Sponge

Sticky Particle Roller

  • The final step to ensure every surface is spotless.
  • Removes hair, lint, crumbs and more – perfect for picking up any unseen particles.