C-Pull with Micrillon - Elevating Hygiene Standards

The Challenge

Hospital privacy curtains are frequently and rapidly contaminated with pathogenic  bacteria. 42% of privacy curtains were contaminated with vancomycin-resistant enterococci, 22% with MRSA and 4% with C. diff. all known to cause preventable Hospital Associated Infections (pHAI’s). A study published September 2018 concludes: …patient privacy curtains became progressively contaminated with bacteria, including MRSA. Curtains should either be cleaned or replaced 10 to 14 days after being hung.


The C-PULL clamps onto any type or style of curtain. Provides a “Hand Target” for patients, caregivers and visitors. Easily wiped down and disinfected. Infused with Micrillon® providing built-in rechargeable antimicrobial product protection.
Small investment – BIG RETURN – a fraction of the cost of a single R&R wash process
Simply clean and disinfect with any EPA registered chlorine active disinfectant. Preferred product is Klorese.
An effective tool in the war against pHAI’s
• Built in rechargeable anti-B.V.F. product protection • Provides a hard surface “touch-point-target” for caregivers, patients and visitors • ES & IP process improvement – adopts easily to daily patient room processing • Designed for ALL reusable and disposable curtains • Unique built-in, non-leeching product protection Micrillon® – a rechargeable broad spectrum antimicrobial (AM) effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses • Hypochlorous (HOCL) disinfectants recommended for maximum AM recharge • Eliminates hand-to-curtain contamination • Extends time between R&R wash process • Significant annual “per curtain” cost saving • Durable, sustainable & shatter proof • One size fits all • When two meet – forms the international symbol for “STOP” • Promotes patient dialogue and goodwill
Item #. Description Size Weight Price
C-PULL C-PULL hand-hold folds over edge of curtain and red clip locks it in place. Made of glass filled polyamide for durability. One Size Fits All 14.25” X 4.8” 10.5 oz Call for Quote


C-Pull with Micrillon


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