Anti-microbial Patient Room Privacy Curtains


Our Privacy Curtains are made with BioSmart®, a patented antimicrobial Fabric technology. Each wash with bleach binds chlorine to protect fabric for up to 12 weeks*

Isn’t it time for curtains that provide more than just “privacy”? We think so…

Our Privacy Curtains are a smarter solution for your facility and your patients.

Protect your patients and staff

Our curtains offer a 3 log kill (99.9%) against bacteria and viruses* Change your curtains less by using our HOCl spray guns and tablets to “re-charge” our curtains Save on labor and cleaning charges! *- Ask us for detail
Studies show traditional privacy curtains can become contaminated with pathogens within 2 weeks. That’s why it’s time for curtains that are made for fast changes and easy laundering. Designed to be removed and replaced in less than a minute without a ladder. Our Privacy Curtains can contribute to a safer environment for patients, providers and visitors. Tested to 75 washes, so they’ll last!
  • Mesh available in 3 sizes for 8’, 9’ and 10’
    ceiling heights
  • Panel unsnaps from mesh for fast replacement
    without a ladder
  • Standard 64” length x 72” width panels and mesh are
    designed to overlap to fit any room needed
  • Modular design reduces storage, inventory
    and saves time
  • Premium antimicrobial fabric, fade-resistant color and industrial-wash tested for lasting durability
  • All fabric components meet NFPA 701 standards
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*When laundered according to instruction on the care label of EPA registered bleach.


(For Protective Privacy Curtains)

In the first major advance in Infection Prevention with Privacy Curtains since the introduction of antimicrobial fabrics, DevMar Global Technologies has combined the proven power of HOCl with the wonder of the BioSmart fabric.

DevMar’s Privacy Curtains are 99.9% antimicrobial after being laundered with bleach. The fabric retains the Cl ions, to provide long-lasting protection for at least 90 days, and when laundered again, goes back to full 99.9% strength for another 3 months. This process has been tested up to 75 washings (19 years).

Now we have enhanced this with our EHT Program, since we’ve found that a quick spray with our HOCl tablets will also refresh the curtains between washings, which may be a great alternative for Isolation cases where the curtains do not become visibly soiled, where the whole room is getting a terminal cleaning. Our HOCl tabs have an EPA kill claim for C. diff as well, so the entire room can be terminally cleaned in a few minutes with no need to remove and launder the curtains. 

EHR will save labor time, extend the curtain life, save money, and can help provide better Infection Prevention for your facility.

Privacy Curtains
Plus Spray Tablets = “EHT”
ColorsCool Blue, Sage Green & Champagne. Custom colors by request.
Privacy Panel

100% FR Polyester treated with BioSmart® (5 oz./sq. yd.)

100% FR Polyester Tape with marine-grade plastic snaps

Mesh Top
100% FR Nylon Mesh with 1/2” opening (meets fire suppression requirements)
100% FR Polyester Trim & Tape with marine-grade plastic snaps
FlammabilityAll fabric components pass NFPA 701
Panel Dimensions
Panel Weigh
72”w x 64”h
1.4 LB
Mesh DimensionsSmall 72”w x 20”h
Medium 72”w x 30”h
Large 72”w x 45”h
WarrantyProducts are guaranteed for two years after original ship date against manufacturer
construction defects if the products have been properly maintained in accordance
with the laundering instructions sewn onto each curtain. For further questions,
please contact DevMar (615) 232-7040
● info@devmarghs.com.

Please use the chart below to determine curtain dimensions with each additional panel and mesh top. The
segments easily connect by overlapping the ends onto a single hook. The privacy panel size is a standard
size of 72″x64”. The mesh is available in three sizes (S, M, and L) to accommodate 8’, 9’, or 10’ ceiling heights
and to maintain a standard 12” floor clearance when hung from the ceiling track with a 2” drop